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Next step knitting: Short row shaping

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Next step knitting: Short row shaping


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Many times a knitter is befuddled by a pattern that requires short rows. Yet short rows can be a very useful tool and should be part of every knitter's skill set. They can be used to lengthen backs of jumpers, work shoulder shaping neatly, shape busts, make frills and shawls and hats and lots more. 

When you work a short row, all you're doing is stopping before you get to the end of the row and turning your work to the other side.

In this workshop, you will test out 3 or 4 different methods of working short rows neatly so you can see which you prefer – and then, if you are inclined, a little bit more knitting and your sample swatch will magically convert into a baby hat to keep or give away :-)

This workshop is suitable for CONFIDENT beginners - who can already knit, purl, rib, pick up and knit stitches and follow patterns - or intermediate knitters, of course.  - the swatch/hat is knit flat on a 5.0 mm needles. You can bring a pair along if you'd like however all materials will be provided on the day. If you want to bring your work home on the needles we supply, there will be an additional £2 fee.

This workshop is led by Terri Bate

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